Anacabe Nerea Uriarte is Msc. In Physics Sciences from the University of Navarra (1984), married with three children. MOC (Microeconomics of Competitiveness) course at the University of Deusto  in 2008.

She works in Business Development /Programmes in Tecnalia supporting the operational divisions to finance their R&D activities.  She knows the R&D financial programmes, even PreComercial Procurement. She is in touch with managers of National Public Administration.

Coordination of several divisions market. External Coordination and R&D management. Customers management. Analysis of technological opportunities into  the markets.

Coordination and management both human and technical resources R&D department. Training fellows.

Experience in the knowledge transfer from RTOs  to industry.  She has made numerous technical reports to advise the industry in the field of materials and processes.

She has participated in the evaluation of R & D projects in FP6.

Contribution  to strategic plans bringing the outside view to the organization (Public Administrations, Industries and RTOs)

Technical Secretary of Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials Spanish Technological Platform Coordinator. (  during last 4 years.

Member of Scientific of l XIII Congreso Nacional de Materiales

Member of the Eurostars High Level Group (2014-2020) recommend for CDTI in Spain

In 2009 participates as an expert in exercise SISE 08. Introduction to  SISE . The Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System  of Science &Technology Spanish Plans ( SISE ) is the tool designed for control of the management of public programs to finance R&D activities.

Participation as an expert in the NMP priority 3 VIPM pymERA within the network that aims to enhance the participation of Spanish SMEs in the new instruments in VIPM (DG Research of UE). This network was supported by CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development)

Participation in working groups for the preparation of the Plan of Science Technology and Society ( PCTS ) 2005-2008 Department of Industry of the Basque Government .

Membership in the club EUSKALIT (Basque Quality Agency)  assessors from April to 2.004 EFQM ( European Foundation for Quality Management).

Coordinator EMATEK (2002-2004) project of the Community Initiative EQUAL (Social European Founds), in order to promote the women in their professional careers

Making a Technological Diagnostics Metal Engineering in the region of influence of Rafaela (Argentina) in 1998

Business Development Programmes, Tecnalia

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