Jean-Frédéric CLERC

Born in France in 1955, french citizen.
Graduated from SUPELEC (Paris)
- From 1977 to 1988, Jean-Frédéric Clerc has been involved in R&D in the field of Liquid Crystal Displays ((LCD’s) at CEA-Léti.
- In 1988, he joined the Japanese company Stanley Electric (Japon). As project leader, he carried out the industrial development of the first production line of color LCD based on the so called « Vertically Aligned » technology, what is today to main stream for TV LCD’s.
- In 1992, the production starts at Hatano factory and J.F. Clerc came back to Europe to take in charge the research activities of Seiko-TECDIS in Italy and then the research and development activities of Pixtech, a U.S. spin off utilizing CEA-Léti patents.
In 1995, he joined CEA. He had been successively
- Manager of the Microsystems Program at LETI (Laboratory of Electronics & Technologies of Information)
- Vice President of Léti
- Director of strategy and programs of the Technological Research Division of CEA (2005 to 2010)
- Since 2010, Vice President of CEA Technological Research Division In charge of strategy and programs.
- Vice President of the Association of the Carnot institutes (from 2006 to 2011)
- Member of the board of the French national evaluation of Research agency (AERES) - from 2007 to 2012.

Major worldwide licenced patents and publications:

JF Clerc, JC Deutsch, US patent 4, 7001, 028 ( Oct.20, 1987), Nematic liquid crystal cell weakly doped by a chiral solute and of the type having electrically controlled birefringence
JF Clerc, L. Rabas, US patent 4,786,147 (Nov. 22, 1988), Liquid crystal cell using the electrically controlled birefringence effect and a uniaxial medium of negative optical anisotropy usable therein
JF Clerc, JC Deutsch, P. Vaudaine, S. Vey, US patent 4,889,412 (Dec.26,1989), Homeotropic Alignment Full Color LCD
S. Yamauchi, M. Aizawa, JF Clerc, T. Uchida, J. Duchène  SID 1989 (p 378) “best paper SID 1989”  
Highly multiplexed Super Homeotropic LCD, J.F. Clerc, M. Aizawa, S. Yamauchi, J. Duchène, Japan Display’s 1989 (p.188) 

« award of understanding » de Japan Display’s 1989 Vertically Aligned Liquid Crystal Displays, J.F. Clerc, SID 1991 (p 758)

Vice President of CEA Technological Research Division, CEA

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